Monday, October 1, 2012

Guilty Pleasure: Melissa Etheridge

So I've only done one other Guilty Pleasure post, but Melissa Etheridge and her new album deserves one.  Not because I'm even liking the album all that much, but I do like her as a person.  I think she's genuine and level-headed (minus the what, 3 divorces)  :-)  Anyway - Melissa was my transition from Hair Metal to Lesbian Folk as I transitioned from High School to College.  We go way back and she's easily earned a place in my guilty pleasure book.

Eth final

Melissa Etheridge Takes A Look Back In 12th Album | Pollstar

"Have you found yourself becoming more or less political lately? I have found that I’m just political just by being who I am. Being a gay person, being a person who chooses to partake in cannabis, being a breast cancer survivor – these are all very political situations that I didn’t choose, that are naturally who I am. So just by answering the questions, I become political. I’m considered an activist, but I do not spend any more time doing those things than anyone else. It’s just that I choose to stand and be truthful about it. I think it’s interesting that I live in a country where being truthful about who you are is courageous and political. What does that say about us?"

(Continued... Melissa Etheridge Takes A Look Back In 12th Album | Pollstar)

Rock on Melissa.

I might even get this for my niece!

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