Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Facebook Music Features


Facebook To Launch New Music Service June 21, 2011, By Kate Shapiro

As Myspace continually recedes into the graveyard of social media, Facebook has stepped up to fill the void. And now the network and may be slated to give Myspace 677166248another kick as Facebook launches its own music service. The backbone of Facebook’s music service is the ability to listen to all kinds of music over a vast social network with theoretically millions of other people at once.

Just a few weeks ago, Facebook announced that its new music service would be in conjunction with the European music sharing service Spotify. Spotify is similar to iTunes—it’s a service that allows you to listen to whatever music you want. The only difference being Spotify allows you to do this for free as opposed to charging up to $1.29 a pop for a song. So, the partnership between Facebook and Spotify makes sense. However, it’s recently come to the attention of tech blogs everywhere that Facebook Music won’t just be an exclusive partnership with Spotify but a grand aggregate of many different music services such as Pandora and Rhapsody.

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