Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dodos (6/7/11)

I was a huge fan of the Dodos back during their Visiter album.  Since them I've continued to watch them, but I find them getting superceded by other bands recently.  I don't know what it is, but this was also the case with this new album.  Still, I wanted to go to their show - in part to catch the opener, Gauntlet Hair.

Aside the distraction of a superskinny, show-off drummer that sat center stage, these guys were a lot of fun.  Check out one of my favorite tracks by them:

Gauntlet Hair (6/7/11)

So I wish I had more to say about the Dodos performance, but I think it's one of the shows that is much better when you already have a personal connection with the songs, which I just don't have anymore.  Maybe (hopefully) they'll come back around for me.  I was glad to see they brought such a nice crowd to the Grog (as you can hear in the video)!

The Dodos (6/7/11)

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