Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Gold Mask (6/24/11)

So right after a great house concert, we went to see My Gold Mask at the Beachland Tavern.  These guys were just as good as I was hoping for.  I had recently purchased their A Million Miles (From Where We Were) EP and was instantly smitten with their darker, more eclectic  pop/rock sound.

My Gold Mask (6/24/11)

My Gold Mask (6/24/11)

Gretta Rochelle, as a one-woman percussion goddess, really re-envisioned what could be a ho-hum two-person band structure - and it worked fabulously.

Throw in a Robyn cover, and I'm smitten.

I even re-purchased the A Million Miles EP on vinyl because I liked them so much...

Here's an article from Scene that I'd been holding on to as well...

Love and Darkness | Music Feature | Cleveland Scene

"It's just about connecting with people that are interested in what you're doing," says Armando. "A lot of bands can probably say the same, but I do feel like our fans seem to really connect with [us]. At the end of the day, it's all about your music. If you have a song that connects with people, that's what is going to matter the most. It'll filter its way through everything."

So far, My Gold Mask's brief existence has yielded a couple of heavily blogged tracks ("Bitches" and "Violet Eyes") and a slew of comparisons to other bands with dark undertones, surf rock riffs, and dynamic femme-fatale vocalists — the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Raveonettes among them."

(Continued... Love and Darkness | Music Feature | Cleveland Scene)

Oh, btw... Kudos for for the Fangs Out opening performance.  Been wanting to catch these guys and glad I finally did:

Fangs Out (6/24/11)

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