Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vandaveer (5/10/11)

I listen to a lot of music, and sometimes I wish I had more time to listen. Shortly before this show I started spending time with the new Vandaveer album, and went back to some of their older ones.  I quickly realized how great these albums were and tried to squeeze in as much time with them as possible for this performance.

With Ferraby Lionheart and Lowly, The Tree Ghost opening, we got there early to grab a seat and nestle in for the night.  Lowly, The Tree Ghost is a local Cleveland band that has some nice elements to their sound.

Lowly, The Tree Ghost (5/10/11)

Then Ferraby took the stage and charmed us with his sweet songs and demeanor.

Ferraby Lionheart (5/10/11)

But I was axniously waiting for Vandaveer.  These guys were everything that I was hoping they would be.  They just had an amazing energy about them, they were sweet, extremely talented and sounded amazing.  The harmonies were spot-on, and the songwriting is superb.  I could have sat and listened to them perform all night long.  Here's one of my favorite songs from the new album.

And another...

Some photos:

Vandaveer (5/10/11)

Vandaveer (5/10/11)

After this show, I have to say I had one of the best experiences ever.  I mentioned to the band that I was taking some photos and would be posting them.  They asked if I was The Zender Agenda, to which I confirmed.  They were very thankful for doing some promotion, but then a guy standing next to me re-confirmed that, and told me and the band that it was my blog that pushed him over the edge to come out and see them.  That just put me on cloud 9 and I was beaming the whole way home.  That's all the motivation I need to keep this blog going for another 6 years.  :-)

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