Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oberlin Folk Festival (5/6/11)

Oberlin is my kinda town.  Well, it's a little small for my taste, but I love how quaint, pretty and liberal it is.  Having a free Folk Music Festival is just icing on the cake.  We booked it to Oberlin as quick as possible after work on Friday - getting there in plenty of time to grab a bite at The Feve. It was then a gorgeous walk through the main park in town...

Oberlin (5/6/11)

A quick glimpse at an amazing venue - Finney Chapel (where I've seen Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls AND Dar Williams - swoon).

Finney Chapel (5/6/11)

Finally we found our way to the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse.  Not quite what I was expecting...

Oberlin (5/6/11)

We arrived for the Dust Busters - great bluegrass sound... essential to any Folk Festival.

Dust Busters (5/6/11)

Holcombe Waller took the stage, but unfortunately for a brief set... still, he played some great tunes and I'm really glad I got to see him.  I'm definitely going to keep my eye on him.

Finally, Chris Pureka took the stage, surprisingly with some supporting musicians (nice addition).  I've gotten away from her songwriting as of late, but she went back and played some of her older songs as well.  Here's one of my favorites:

Chris Pureka (5/6/11)

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