Thursday, May 19, 2011

Out This Week: Austra / Feel It Break

I first ran across Austra with the video I just posted on Video Tuesday.  I also discovered that she's coming to the Grog Shop (8/2/11) to open for Cold Cave - who I've already been planning on seeing.  Since then, I got Austra's album and it's quickly growing on me. (buy it on InSound)

Austra Feel It Break

As it should:

This is an album of increments. It may not seize you on first listen, simply because it is not overbearing, and it avoids cheap tricks. But gradually, as you fall ever further in love with Stelmanis’ voice, and as the intricacies of this record become clear, it will begin to envelop you until, eventually, you will find yourself completely lost in this strange, glacial world. A truly fantastic piece of work. (The Line of Best Fit)


Here's another great video...

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