Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Evovlving State of Live Streaming Shows

I’m sure we’ve all seen a streaming performance by this point, right?  Mostly it’s been an artist in front of a camera in their living room (I’m thinking Ben Gibbard here).   There have been a few others that have a been a little more planned/produced as well (I’m thinking like  Robyn’s DJ Set and the Pitchfork Listening Club with Perfume Genius.)  What’s expected with all these performances is that they're all free (though tipping is always encouraged).  Something we come to expect with content on the internet.

These past couple (many) months, I’ve been supporting Bandcamp Fridays, buying artists merch, contributing to Kickstarters, etc. etc.  However, I’ve not yet purchased a ticket for a live streaming show.  It looks like that is about to change.  Here are two upcoming performances, by artists that I respect and enjoy, that are putting together online performances that I’m happy to pay for (and feel like I’m getting my money’s worth).  You should check them both out, as they’re both artists you’ve seen on TZA before.

"The Little Red Barn Show premiers November 12th with two special screenings that include a LIVE Q&A session with Kristian at 20:00 Central European Time and 8:00PM US Central Time. The film will be available beginning November 12th through November 21st

Tickets to view are on a sliding 'pay what you want' pricing scale, beginning at $5.00 USD."

(Via (9) The Tallest Man On Earth: The Little Red Barn Show (Trailer) - YouTube.)


"Lipa is finally taking the stage on November 27 — exactly eight months after Future Nostalgia's release — for a virtual concert. She's taking the 'future' and 'nostalgia' part of her disco-inspired album seriously and is dubbing the event 'Studio 2054,' a clear nod to the legendary New York City disco nightclub Studio 54. 

The virtual concert will feature tracks from the record, as well as the remix album, Club Future Nostalgia, and promises to turn the warehouse location where it'll be filmed into a bonafide disco heaven. ‘Dua will move through custom built sets; surreal tv shows, roller discos, ecstatic raves, trashy rocker hang outs, voguing ballrooms and diva style dressing rooms,' teases the press release.

Tickets for 'Studio 2054' go on sale October 30, with ticket bundles offering options for exclusive pre-show behind the scenes footage as well as After Show Party access — though it's unclear what the 'party' portion will look like."

(Via Dua Lipa Announces "Studio 2054," A Disco-Themed Virtual Concert.)

PS: Before I put this post together, Ezra Furman had her pay-to-play performance at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Here’s a clip of that performance.


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