Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Perfume Genius / Streaming (5/15/20)

If you haven’t listened to the new Perfume Genius album, you should. Recently, Pitchfork announced their new Listening Club series with their first live stream happening this past Friday night.  More on that below, but once you got past some awkward live banter and Q&A (I give them credit, it was a first), Perfume Genius took to what I assume was his living room and played a wonderful set.  Almost as wonderful as his cat playing with this mic cord throughout the performance.

"On the first episode of ‘Listening Club,’ special guest Perfume Genius discusses and performs songs from his new album Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, the follow-up to his excellent 2018 album No Shape. The episode will be hosted by Pitchfork’s Editor-in-Chief Puja Patel, Reviews Editor Jeremy Larson, and Senior Editor Jillian Mapes. Set My Heart on Fire is out today via Matador."

(Via Watch Perfume Genius on the Premiere of Pitchfork’s “Listening Club” | Pitchfork.)

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