Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Michigan Rattlers (7/16/19)

I’m back from several back-to-back trips and ready to get caught up!  Right before I left, I was able to swing by the House of Blues Cambridge Room to catch Oliver Hazard (TZA House Concert Alums!) coming back to town and opening for the Michigan Rattlers.  It was great to see the crowd really getting into these guys.

Oliver Hazard  7 16 19

Michigan Rattlers took the stage, but I wasn’t able to stay for much of their set.  They sounded pretty good, but seeing them in a more conducive venue for their sound would be better.

Michigan Rattlers  7 16 19

You can actually catch both of these bands at Oliver Hazard Day back over in Waterville, OH if you’re up for a little road trip!

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