Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Article: As Exclusivity Takes Charge, How Will Music Streaming Change? - hypebot

Exclusivity and consumerism.  Blah.

"How Exclusive Can It Get?

Relative to the history of music, we’re living in an incredibly unique time where all music is, theoretically at least, available at the tap of a finger or a basic voice command. However, as exclusivity takes hold, we’re going to see this shift, with a slight feeling of how music has previously been to consumers, but with a streaming spin.

For example, Spotify has recently bought rights to exclusively stream certain podcasts to further build out their platform’s user base. Then there’s TIDAL who has worked with certain artists to secure timed exclusives, meaning an album release may only be available on TIDAL for a certain period of time before streaming on additional platforms.

No major streaming service so far has been able to offer a compelling proposition for every genre, rather we’re going to see more niche services materialize in demand of a better experience. As these services come to fruition, we’re increasingly seeing a new jazz release be exclusive to a jazz platform first, or a new recording of a classical movement exclusive to one of those platforms."

(Via As Exclusivity Takes Charge, How Will Music Streaming Change? - hypebot.)

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