Monday, February 11, 2019

Oliver Hazard House Concert (2/8/19)

After my last house concert (Mike Edel 5/3/18), I was a little concerned I might've set the bar a little too high for myself.  Thankfully I ran across Oliver Hazard, and they were totally down for coming back to Cleveland for a house concert.  Not only are they great guys, but they’re great performers as well.  The songwriting was fun and the harmonies were “intoxicating” (as one of my friends put it). 🙂

They played their latest album, and are working on some great material for the next one.  I’m looking forward to following these guys and seeing what they do next.  I’ll definitely be seeing them again when they come back around.  I’ll keep you posted.

Oliver Hazard House Concert  2 8 19

Oliver Hazard House Concert  2 8 19

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