Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Beach House (8/6/19)

Beach House is one of those bands that I’ve continuously collected their music, but  -ithout ever really listening to it.  This occurred to me until I was preparing for this show and realizing how little I actually knew.  I had forgotten how long they’ve actually been around - and that I had actually seen them back in 2012.  As I had noted back then, their live show is still just OK.  This is one of those bands that I think you have to be already familiar (and in love) with their songs to enjoy the show.  Dusting off my DAKS scale, i’d rank it pretty low. 

As for the photos and video - it was a photographers’ nightmare.  But then they like it that way:

"‘We believe pretty strongly that who we are as individuals has nothing to do with our art,’ says Scally. ‘So we don’t go around and show our personalities on our social media pages. Our physical bodies, or faces, our actions throughout the day, that sort of bending of reality that a lot of people show on social media…we don’t believe that has anything to do with our art.’"

(Via Ahead of Next Week's Show at the Agora, Beach House Guitarist Talks About the Dream-Pop Band's Sound | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog.)

Beach House  8 6 19

Beach House  8 6 19

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