Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tomorrow: Yoke Lore and Vita & the Woolf @ Beachland Tavern

Friday night is going to be SO MUCH FUN.  Yoke Lore first caught my attention when I saw his EP was getting remixes by the like of Blackbird Blackbird, Yeasayer, and Chad Valley (what an incredible list!).  After listening to his stuff, I could appreciate why.  He has this large indie pop sound to him, which kinda makes sense being that he split off from the band Walk The Moon.  Watching his videos (below), I like him even more.


Opening the night is Vita & the Woolf.  I’d be going back to the Beachland tomorrow night if it were only her again!  Glad this time I won’t be sharing her time with Hurray for the Riff Raff.  Still enjoying her EP, but I’m still waiting on that full album. 


He also made Scene’s Band of the Week.

"For the live show, Galvin says he plays with a drummer. 'It's easier having less people, and it's more focused,' he says. 'I think that because it's a solo project, I want to keep as much of it me. I know that sounds super controlling. But it's what this project is about for me. It's about indulging in my instincts. People have laptops on stage, and I really find that unattractive. I work hard with samples and loops and triggers to stay really involved in the playing of it. I also have enough elements, so it feels like a full experience.'"

(Via Band of the Week: Yoke Lore | Band of the Week | Cleveland Scene.)

I thought I’d also throw one more Yoke Lore photo I found for good measure. 😏

DSC 0239

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