Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ben Caplan (1/11/18)

The worst part about the Holidays are the lack of good concerts, but things are starting to ramp back up!  It was great to get back to the Beachland Tavern to see Istvan Medgyesi!  He was the main reason I was making it out, he was opening for Harrow Fair and Ben Caplan.  I checked these bands out, and while I wasn’t blown away, nothing really deterred me.

Istvan was great as usual, which is fitting as he’s such a cool guy.  He has this seemingly normal folk music sound on top of some expansive electric and acoustic guitars, but just wait for when things get really expansive when he starts turning the dials.  A superb guitarist.  He’s great to watch.

Istvan Medgyesi (1/11/18)

Harrow Fair was up next.  They kind of reminded me of seeing The Accidentals where I generally like the upbeat folk sound, but it just got laid on a little too heavy.  They are some super sweet Canadians who were so close to getting it right. If they could tighten things up a bit, I’d give them another chance.

Harrow Fair (1/11/18)

When Ben Caplan took the stage, he seemed to fall right into the over-doing it category as well.  Maybe he just plays poorly on the DAKS scale, but I think the level of energy needs to be matched with a quality of voice that I just wasn’t getting at the first couple songs.  So we bailed and headed down the street to the Millard Fillmore (hence no video).

Ben Caplan (1/11/18)

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