Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Friday: Gus Dapperton @ Grog Shop

I hate to admit it, but it was the bowl cut that first caught my attention in the Grog Shop newsletter.  Since then I’ve been lured into the art/music world of Gus Dapperton.  He has these smooth vocals are in line with Sondre Lerche and Josh Rouse, but throw in some synths and a whole lot more style.  I’m dying to catch the live show this Friday at the Grog Shop.  Videos and article clips below.  (Note the videos are both at over 1.5M views on YouTube!)


"Until then, Dapperton had been an athlete, on the lacrosse and the diving teams. ‘I was making music at the same time, and painting my nails and dying my hair and cutting it myself, then all of a sudden said, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to play lacrosse.’ Upstate New York is very conservative, they weren’t really hyped about that. It was a whole thing.’

After high school, Dapperton’s career began to take shape fairly quickly. Last August, he released his debut EP, ‘Yellow and Such,’ a gauzy and whimsical, synth-heavy pop album that earned a lot of attention from hipster tastemakers. His hard-to-make-out lyrics were parsed and pored over. He started dating a model (Barbie Ferreira, who appears in one of his videos). He took a semester off from his studies at Drexel University. He booked an American tour, then a European tour. His younger sister, on a gap year between high school and college, joined his band. He began working on another EP, to be followed, he hopes, by a full-length album."

(Via Gus Dapperton is more than a bowl cut and a few tracks - Chicago Tribune.)


"He's handsome, he wears great glasses, he's got a killer voice — Gus Dapperton has got us all excited in the way that only a new music discovery can. Inspired by world class cinema and heartache, the Warwick, New York-based artist has been quietly putting out very good music, very sporadically, for the past year. Lucky for you, you caught him right before he appears on everyone else's awesome radar."

(Via you’re gonna wanna meet hot new nyc music talent gus dapperton - i-D.)

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