Friday, June 5, 2015

Tonight! Shilpa Ray @ Beachland Tavern

I think this might be now my 4th time catching Shilpa.  She has a magnetic stage presence, not one that is soft and welcoming, but one that shows that she shouldn’t be doing anything else.  Some articles are below, as well as her new video! 


"Although Shilpa Ray dropped 'and Her Happy Hookers' from the bill, the Brooklyn-based rock musician and many of her same bandmates have returned with Last Year's Savage. On the album, which was released last week via Northern Spy Records, Ray maintains the deep, powerful voice and poetic lyrics for which she is known, while softening the underlying melodies and riffs, often opting for more exploratory sounds. Songs like 'Sanitary iPad' are written from the titular, inanimate object's point of view ('I've got a short shelf life / Who's gonna throw me out?') to address a type of mortality, while others, like 'Nocturnal Emissions,' playfully go straight to the point ('Don't wake me up, bitch!')."

(Via Without Her Happy Hookers - Page - Interview Magazine.)

"Shilpa Ray released her new album, Last Year's Savage, this week via Northern Spy. Her swaggering punk/blues/cabaret style is in full effect and lyrically sharp. You can stream the whole thing below. One of the album's more acerbic tracks is 'Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp' and we've got the premiere of its video in this post. Using footage from a nightclub, it juxtaposes real life dancefloor debauchery with Shilpa's disdain of rock n' roll hedonism. It's pretty entertaining and you can watch it below."

(Via Shilpa Ray released 'Last Year's Savage,' shares "Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp" video (stream ++ tour dates).)

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