Friday, June 19, 2015

Tonight! Jacco Gardner & Calvin Love @ Happy Dog

It’s been some time since I’ve seen Jacco Gardner, and I missed him the last time he was at the Happy Dog.  This time, he’s coming with Calvin Love who I’ve also been enjoying.  Check these guys out and stop in!


Calvin Love! 


Only once with every blue moon comes an artist that seems so familiar yet out of space as Calvin Love. On Super Future, his first album for Arts & Crafts, the young charmer from Edmonton, Alberta, steeps songs of psychedelic wisdom in celestial sensuality. Calvin Love arrives an enigma, a strutting, crooning contradiction: as menacing as he is magnetic, like sex and murder wrapped together in a trench coat. With coolness that defies contrivance, Love links sounds and images of science-fiction vintage with an auspicious version of the future. The music drips with crystal aura, blending obsession with the beauty of artifice and the inner systems of real and natural things. It's this infallible match of the authentic to the inventive that make Calvin Love's Super Future so strange and inviting.


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