Friday, June 19, 2015

Shawn Colvin (5/27/15)

This is one of those shows where I really go for the opener.  Sure, I liked Shawn Colvin back in the 90’s (that one album), but tonight was all about me catching my first glimpse of Tom Brousseau (A soon to be total crush).  Everything that man does sounds amazing to me.  Light & fresh, but with depth and complexity.  Unfortunately for this evening (not entirely) he was performing with Andru Bemis and was not playing any of his original songs.  Oh well…  There’s always next time.

Tom Brosseau & Andru Bemis (5/27/15)

Shawn was OK.  She’s a little stiff for me on stage, but she definitely has talent.  But not quite enough there for me to grab the album or see her again… 

Shawn Colvin (5/27/15)

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