Sunday, September 14, 2014

Retro Futura Tour: Howard Jones / Midge Ure (8/25/14)

Sometimes I enjoy when other people take the lead on shows, and I get to just tag along.  That was the case for this 80’s showcase, which included Howard Jones and Midge Ure, as well as one of the Thompson Twins and some other bands.  Being this was the same day that we drove back from Chicago, so it would only be a couple bands for me on this night.  While I can attest to being tired and not having high expectations for this show, other than to accompany friends - I can now see why people get excited about seeing Howard Jones live.  High energy and even doing some fun new EDM takes on his 80’s classics.  Midge Ure was spot on with quality as well.  Now if only the show had been better promoted and attended...

Howard Jones (8/25/14)

Howard Jones (8/25/14)

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