Monday, September 22, 2014

Brent Kirby & His Luck (9/13/14)

I scored some free tickets from a newsletter sign-up promotion that the Music Box carried earlier - and chose this show as the one to attend. I didn’t have much choice though, I was busy every other night, and didn’t even have much time to spend at this show either.  But despite not having a choice - I still would have picked this show anyway.  Brent’s a cool guy who’s doing cool shit in this town.

AND - this was my first show at the new Music Box venue, though we were only in the smaller of the two spaces.  Nice tables, nice chairs, nice stage… We didn’t have a chance to eat - but overall, things were very clean and nice.  But I kinda miss having some grit.

Brent Kirby & His Luck (9/13/14)

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