Friday, September 12, 2014

Gay Games 2014

So while I posted all my videos & photos from the Gay Games, I never did an official blog ost about it.  But, since August was one of the busiest months of my life, and i have a lot of shows to catch up on - I’m gonna be quick.  I’ll just say that it was an honor to be involved and I had one of the best weeks of my life.  I thoroughly enjoyed helping to pick and organize bands, and to work the festival that week.  We had amazing volunteer staff - amazing volunteers - and some amazing music.  While the early nights were not the best weather-wise, I think Cleveland put in a hell of a show every night for the games.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos & videos.  You can catch all my videos on my YouTube channel, and see all my photos over at Flickr.

Eric Himan (8/14/14)

Gay Games Festival Village (8/13/14)

Rollergirl (8/12/14)

DJ Yoav Arnon (8/13/14)

LE1F (8/14/14)

Pandora Boxx (8/15/14)

Ana Matronic (8/15/14)

and some videos:

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