Friday, November 30, 2012

Tomorrow: Eternal Summers @ Happy Dog

Another Happy Dog Show!  I'm a little surprised to see Eternal Summers playing there, but should be fun.  I'll just remember my ear plugs.  :-)  If you haven't heard these guys, they're self-described as "dream punk" and come from Roanoke, VA.  I've grabbed their last couple albums and have been enjoying them.  And besides, I missed them last time.
Opening is Chomp - who I discovered after some investigation is made up from some of the Cloud Nothings crew (fun!).  Listen to (and buy) their new album here.  Summerays is also opening, a local surf-pop band you can listen to here.  Should be a great night of music and dogs.  Check out their new video here:
Eternal summers 071712 download

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