Monday, November 12, 2012

Article: Is Facebook Advertising For Bands Worth It?

Hypebot is back again with some spot-on industry insight.

Is Facebook Advertising For Bands Worth It? - hypebot

"Welcome to the world of advertising, where strength in numbers is the name of the game, and those numbers are always prefixed with a dollar sign. You want to kickstart momentum for your career then yes, select results can be seen by sprinkling some magic money dust on your musical beans. But the truth is, without genuinely generated buzz outside of the lurid lucre of mommy and daddies credit card, you would get more bang for your buck standing outside Best Buy, paying people $10 to listen to your album.

The real result of this newly formed ‘affordable’ advertising, is that we are now all taking less and less notice of the poorly shot promo pic to the right of our news feed. You know the one, declaring that if I ‘like the Foo Fighters’ then I am surely going to like ‘insert derivative band name here’. It’s taking the same nose dive in credibility that myspace did, except this time it is costing bands more than just their street cred."

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