Monday, November 19, 2012

David Dondero / Selah Sue / Allen Stone (11/11/12)

While I don't typically include openers in the title of "concert reviews" (I use that term very lightly), this show was a bit different.  The reason this show even hit my radar is because of David Dondero - who I feel is one of the best male singer-songwriters out there today, with the ability to craft songs and tell stories like few can.  That and he has an amazing voice…  But as any good music blogger - I checked out the other bands, of which there were 3.  Allen Stone was headlining, with Selah Sue and (some other band) opening.

Not knowing the exact order, we purposely missed the first act, but walked in during David Dondero, who we just then discovered as playing 2nd.  He was sounding great, but knowing what I knew about the headliner, this was not David's typical audience (I'll get to that later).  With a healthy dose of self-deprecation, David sounded great and definitely played the role of a rough-around-the-edges, gritty folk artist. He asked if anyone there knew his music and I cheered, but when he asked for requests (which I had one), I couldn't give it because I missed his opening and wasn't sure if he'd played it (Rothko Chapel for those interested).  Needless to say, I didn't get to capture the best song for video - but it's something.

David Dondero (11/11/12)

Selah Sue was next, and other than being a single person on stage with a guitar - she couldn't have been more different.  A firecracker of a performer, somewhere between Amy Winehouse & Adele.  She had a stunning voice and an infectious personality.  I really want explore her music further.

Selah Sue (11/11/12)

(check out a really fun cover of Missy Elliott's Oops (Oh My) here)

Finally the headliner… Allen Stone, who represented pure juxtaposition for me.  A corny looking white-guy playing the most sweet and soulful R&B.  He felt like pure Motown.  The issue… I didn't really connect with his music.  A great "story" and great sound - but something was missing…  Maybe just a reality that I can't connect with all good music.  But no reason to sway you away from checking him out.

Allen Stone (11/11/12)

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