Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Release: Alt-J's An Awesome Wave

I was prepped this "New Release" post a couple weeks ago, but now that they've won the Mercury Prize (and they're sales are up 411% since) I guess I should just post it:  Here's a new album for you.  Check out Alt-J, who's a British band considered in the nu-folk category of music and with references to "the new Radiohead".  Whatever.  They were mentioned for the Mercury Prize.  They were also just in Detroit, but I missed them.  The new album *is* worth a listen however.  I'm posting some reviews below, in include videos from La Blogotheque!

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Alt-J - An Awesome Wave ~ Album Review | Synth Pop Indie Rock

"‘An Awesome Wave’ is as diverse as it is addictive. A mixture of pop, folk, and R&B. Slinking Indian beats one song ~ then bold island beats on the next. Dark bass-lines smear across much of the album while interesting atmosphere peppers it. All this diversity comes together in one unified piece of work that amazingly doesn’t feel experimental or come across as fake.

Alt-J Besides the obvious forerunner ‘Breezeblocks’, some other notable songs on the album are: ‘Tessellate’, a smooth and seductive song. And in this song Gwil hints at how the band came up with the name Alt-J (∆) as he reveals ‘Triangles are my favorite shape’."

(Continued... Alt-J - An Awesome Wave ~ Album Review | Synth Pop Indie Rock)

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