Sunday, June 3, 2012

Plants & Animals (5/30/12)

Second time this month! Having just seen them in San Francisco - I was even more excited to see them back at my "home" venue.  Got some great friends to go along and had one of the best concert experiences of the past year - seriously. Bethesda opened the night, a band from Kent who's getting a shot at Bonnaroo this year.  Nights was up next and couldn't have been more opposite than Bethesda, a little more subtle and genuine - but a little heavier, more 90's rock influenced.

Nights (5/30/12)

I was beaming by the time Plants & Animals took the stage.  I was up and moving to every song - and was thrilled to see others just as excited.  Check out the clips below.

Plants & Animals (5/30/12)

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