Monday, June 18, 2012

The Bowerbirds (6/12/12)

This really should have been a show for the smaller Tavern instead of the Ballroom.  Maybe that couldn't be helped, but it really would have - especially with the folk overtones of the night.  Starting out, this was my first time seeing Akron's White Pines, but was generally impressed with the dark, folk feel he brought.  Talented.

White Pines (6/12/12)

Next up was Basia Bulat, who was one of my favorite shows at the Tavern in 2010.  This time she was solo on that big stage, in that big room (very different from being with a band, on a small stage in a small room like last time).  However, she still filled it with her voice, talent and personality.  I can't wait for her next album.

Basia Bulat (6/12/12)

I wish I had the same excitement for The Bowerbirds.  In comparison to the strong openers, The Bowerbirds fell kinda flat, in particular with the vocals and energy level.  They write great songs and I love their recorded stuff, but I can't help but think the large space squashed things for them a bit.  I can still imagine seeing them in the Tavern, tearing my heart out.  Hopefully next time.

Bowerbirds (6/12/12)

Bowerbirds (6/12/12)

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