Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dar Williams (6/21/12)

I couldn't have asked for a better night at Cain Park.  First we rode bikes, grabbed dinner, and got settled with our picnic on the lawn.  It was about that moment when I realized how pleased I was that we chose this experience over Nada Surf / Waters at the Beachland.  I've already heard that it was a great show, but seeing Dar again on the lawn was just what I needed.  

IMG 3988

Opening was Rachel Sage, who I saw ages ago at the Barking Spider, and is now a label owner, putting out music for the likes of Melissa Ferrick.   Unfortunately, she was kind of annoying with her banter, but that couldn't spoil the night.

Dar took the stage and provided a set of beautiful songs and charming banter.  I wish I had more to show from that night, but Cain Park has that militant no-camera policy.  In lieu of, here's a little clip of an older song for a newer cause:

The new video for "As Cool As I Am" by Dar Williams is a celebration of the strength of women and a powerful response to recent legislative and personal attacks. 

"Every state and every party, both men and women have found creative, resilient ways to say YES to a society that values its women (including their reproductive systems)," says Dar. "Recently, we needed to underscore this positive force in our country, so here goes!"

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