Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Japandroids (6/22/12)

There was a possibility of not catching this show, since it would make three in a row.  But, it seemed like such a cool line-up with Cadence Weapon opening - who eMusic related to K-OS and K'Naan, two of my favorite rappers.  Throw in Japandroids, who are one of my favorite harder-rock bands.  Neither are genres that I get to see very much, so to get both in one night, and both coming from great (Canadian!) artists was great.  No wonder it sold out.

Cadence was awesome and was just over the moon with excitement, and it showed.  Listening to him rhyme over background electronic beats was a treat.

Cadence Weapon (6/22/12)

Things got even crazier with Japandroids, where people packed in tighter than I've ever seen.  While I don't really know Japandroid songs all that well, I really would like to after seeing how the audience responded to them.  I agree with Bill that the sound was a bit outta whack, but it didn't kill the energy.  Check it out:

Japandroids (6/22/12)

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