Sunday, April 15, 2012

Perfume Genius (4/9/12)

I can't believe I almost missed this show.  I get all my concert info via the web these days, but was sorely reminded how I still need to pick up the print Scene once in a while.  Going through it at the Grog before the Cloud Nothings show revealed that Perfume Genius was play at The Sco in Oberlin!  One of those elusive, campus venues.  It's hard to get updates for these places unless you really try (or are a student on campus).  Thankfully they promote the shows in Scene.

This was a late show, far away, on a Monday night.  Still I was motivated.  We got to Oberlin early for a bite, then realized when the ad said 10pm that meant door times.  So we walked around a bit before being the first in the door.  First act didn't get on until 10:45.  Parenthetical Girls.  Have you seen them?  If so, I wish you would have told me about them before, they were tons of fun.  Wit, humor, talent, all while performing throughout the entire venue.  I'll see these guys ANYTIME.

Parenthetical Girls (4/9/12)

Parenthetical Girls (4/9/12)

Perfume Genius was a rather stark contrast in performance style, but he was excellent as well.  Many sweet songs, and a great way to wind down a LATE Monday night in Oberlin.  Check out a couple songs.

Pefume Genius (4/9/12)

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