Friday, April 6, 2012

Delta Spirit (3/26/12)

This show almost didn't happen, and I'm going to try and write this post without getting upset.  :-)  This show for me was really about catching the opener, WATERS.  Having been a fan of Port O'Brien before, this new incarnation was particularly good and I've really been enjoying the new album by WATERS a LOT.

I see a message on the Beachland website that the show is early.  No problem - I'll just get there early.  THEN i see a post on the WATERS FaceBook page that they'll be going on at 8:00.  Even easier.  Matt beats me there and tells me (as I'm only half way there) that they only have a couple songs left.  WTF??  It was only like 7:30.  I was *pissed* that I was missing this show.  I decided I was going to skip the whole thing and ended up walking down to the next closest bar to wait for Matt who was watching the rest of their performance (who really liked them btw).  I sat and sulked for a bit - then Matt convinced me to still go and catch Delta Spirit.  That was really bitter sweet for me, because at that point I should have just walked in as soon as I got there and caught at least the last couple songs.

Whatever.  I'm over it.  (almost)

Delta Spirit was good.  Some friends said better than WATERS.  Whatever.  :-)  Their album was good, their show was good.  I was just still bitter.

Delta Spirit (3/26/12)

Did I mention the lead singer was super-cute?  That helped.

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