Sunday, April 15, 2012

Diego Garcia (4/13/12)

What a surprise evening.  Last minute plans were made to spend the evening in Akron, and even more last minute was the decision to see Diego Garcia.  I hadn't even heard of him before, but as soon as I heard that sultry, latin-influenced Inside My Heart opening to his new album - I was sold.  This was not the kind of show that would hit my radar, but I'm so glad it did.  I was also excited to see Shivering Timbers again, but in true Musica form, I missed all openers with their amazingly early shows.  (I'm not complaining, I'll learn)

Diego Garcia (4/13/12)

Diego was incredibly sweet and sincere, recounting how Akron was the best show at the end of their last tour, and he insisted they were booked at the beginning of this one.  The crowd responded.  It was nice to hear some Akron love.  Diego was great, supported by some incredibly talented musicians.  Check out their encore cover of Neil Young's Harvest Moon:

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