Sunday, April 15, 2012

George Clinton / Kid Cudi (4/12/12)

So in case you've been in a cave, the Rock Hall Induction happened this weekend.  One of the major festivities leading up to the big night was this free show with George Clinton and Kid Cudi at Quicken Loans Arena.  Sure, I'll go.  I can dig George, and I've liked Kid.  We got there early and got good nose-bleed seats (seriously).  We watched Kids These Days open, which was a group of teens playing some crazy funk, rap, jazz fusion.  George was up next, but I wouldn't recommend your first experience with him being at a place like the Q.  So much of the party atmosphere is lost through bad sound and a video screen display.  Next was Kid Cudi.  I was a huge supporter of him early on, but he's since lost me with the WRZD release.  Terrible.  He opened with the two worse songs from that album, but we hung around and he ended up putting on a decent show.

Overall, I was thrilled to be part of this ceremony psych-up.  Seeing Cleveland light up like this was a thrill.  This night was more about that than being at a good concert (which is hard to have at the Q).

Here's what it looked like:

IMG 3554

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