Friday, April 6, 2012

Caveman (3/21/12)

Back at it.  I was thrilled that I was able to see Caveman again, after their somewhat recent performance at the Happy Dog.  I've started liking their album even more after that show, so a quick turn-around time to another show at the Beachland Tavern was a welcomed treat.

Opening was Gomez Addams, a local band with quite a catalog of free material.  Not a bad band...

Gomez Addams (3/21/12)

Next up was Hollis Brown which almost could have been a headliner show.  In fact it kinda felt like it - high energy, excited crowd, etc.  These guys were fun.

Hollis Brown (3/21/12)

Not everyone stayed around for Caveman - but they should have.  I can understand though if they didn't, because they did have a different vibe than Hollis Brown.  I think one of the things that caught me off guard at their Happy Dog show was that they're a little heavier live than I expected.  Their album is a little lighter and more pop-friendly.  In concert these guys are a heavier and more droning.  Not in a bad way - they guys just have some heavy weight to their live show - but it works. Two different experiences, but they both work.

Here's a bit about them as New Yorkers

Caveman Obsessed with Being a New York Band - Spinner

"From the Velvet Underground to the Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New York City has always been ground zero for the coolest bands around.

Atmospheric homegrown five-piece Caveman might be next on that list. Although Matthew Iwanusa (vocals), Jimmy Carbonetti (guitar), Stefan Marolachakis (drums), Sam Hopkins (synths) and Jeff Berrall (bass) lack the Ramones' matching leather jackets and the Strokes' hip haircuts, the band's Midlake-as-filtered-through-Creations Records sound feels effortlessly modern. Just as importantly, they're genuine real-deal New Yorkers."

(Continued... Caveman Obsessed with Being a New York Band - Spinner)


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