Sunday, March 4, 2012

Twin Sister (2/18/12)

We unfortunately had to leave the Brite Winter Festival a little early so we could head over to the Beachland Tavern to catch the Twin Sister show… and just let me just point out again the beauty of being able to do two awesome things in one night in this city.

Anyway, we caught some of Ava Luna as an opener.  A very eclectic band that had some real funk flavor… actually reminding me of my Sonia Dada days.  Fun.

Ava Luna (2/18/12)

Twin Sister came on stage, to a packed audience.  Their dreamy, indie pop sound resonated so well with that night. I'll admit I was originally on the fence until I really spent some time listening to their new release, then I was sold. The crowd was into in, me included.

Twin Sister (2/18/12)

Twin Sister (2/18/12)

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