Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brite Winter Festival 2012

Brite Winter Festival returned this year, with a vengeance (unlike winter itself).  While I had a blast at last year's location (Hart Crane Park), bringing it up to Ohio City was a brilliant move.  More urban, more choice, more fun.   This year felt like there were a bazillion things happening at dozens of locations.  Though like last year, there was a main outside stage / fire pit area.  Outside games, art installations and performance art.   Though as you know, I went right for the stage.

Brite Winter Festival 2012

After a great performance at the Bears show a few weeks ago - I wanted to catch Lighthouse & the Whaler again.  They've improved tremendously, and with a new album coming out, I can't wait to see where they go (was having a flash back to Modern Electric from the year before).

Lighthouse & the Whaler (2/18/12)

Next we ran over to Bon Bon Cafe to meet a friend who was watching Jack & the Bear.  I couldn't imagine a cooler place to be at that moment.

Jack & the Bear (2/18/12)

Finally we ran back over to the main stage to catch some Bad Veins before our second stop of the evening.  Oh, and there were fire… twirlers?

Brite Winter Festival 2012

Bad Veins (2/18/12)

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