Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meshell Ndegeocello (2/17/12)

If you haven't already heard me raving about the new Meshell Ndegeocello album in person, let me do so here.  omg.  I guess I've been keeping loose tabs on her career, picking up an occasional album here and there, but this by far has been as the strongest and most appealing - which it could hurt being produced by Joe Henry.  Granted, I'm a little older and this sound is a little more mature - but the shit is tight!

Getting a chance to see her perform at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was a treat too - which I think this was actually my FIRST show *inside* the Rock Hall (guerrilla photography only). Meshell definitely presented a protective, exterior shell on stage, but from that came a sweet and smooth groove.  She played primarily from her new release "Weather" (which I was thrilled about).

IMG 3419

Do yourself a favor and pick it up for yourself.

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  1. Guerilla photography is right, I was THERE and didn't know you managed to get a pic!