Monday, March 19, 2012

Tomorrow: Black Keys @ Quicken Loans

I'm not going, but I think I'll be missing out based on some reviews I've been seeing.  Particularly this Billboard review.  Though I'd still have a hard time paying the minimum of $40 to see our once local Black Keys...  Anyone going?

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Black Keys, Arena Rock Band: Live Review |

The Keys' move to arenas was greeted with expected concern and skepticism from longtime fans recalling basement and small club gigs, but Auerbach and Carney are taking the plunge without losing what got them there. The music, of course, has always been capable of filling large spaces, and is even more so now thanks to more ambitious arrangements and the presence of two backing musicians to muscle up the sound. But the fun of the 21-song, 85-minute show was watching the Keys play with that size and ultimately using it to complement rather than compromise its garage-y blues-rock aesthetic.

(Continued... Black Keys, Arena Rock Band: Live Review |

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