Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cumulus Entertainment DJ Night (2/24/12)

This is one of those moments of "serendipity."  :-)   Mord Fustang was supposed to be performing at the House of Blues, but canceled at the last moment (weather I believe).  Whatta disappointment.  The group of us planning to go (and to dance) still met up over at ABC Tavern for some drinks.  It was there that I saw a tweet from Cumulus Entertainment that they were still going be hosting a late, free DJ party at the Grog Shop.  We all thought - sure!  After a quick stop through the Great Lakes Brewery, we were off...

Free it was, and it drew quite a crowd.  Interesting as this wasn't even listed on the Grog Shop website.  Still, I wasn't sure which DJ's were who (and I didn't recognize any of their names anyway).  But it was a serious dance party.  So much so, that I didn't even stop dancing to grab some video:

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