Sunday, October 10, 2010

Try Hugging an MP3 - Article

Oh the good ol' days.


Try hugging an MP3 - Entertainment

"Consumers have watched as the canvas for album art has shrunk from LP size to the possible option of no art at all. Record stores, even chains, were closed or forced back into the subculture, changing the experiences of buying and finding out about new music to cold, calculated processes that involve zero social interaction. Music has now been unofficially relegated as 'background' to other activities. It is no longer the centerpiece of entertainment. It is merely a soundtrack to activities such as jogging and walking to one's car. Most likely, no one will ever fondly recall the night they downloaded a new album. The ritual of standing in line at midnight to obtain a physical copy of a piece of music is now over. Thanks to MP3 technology, ritual, nostalgia, traditional physical music spaces, physical forms and aesthetic value are all aspects of music culture that are dead or dying. "

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