Monday, October 11, 2010

The Thermals (10/8/10)

I'm not gonna lie, this night was all about The Hundred in the Hands for me.  After an excellent first time seeing them (opening for The Golden Filter), and a great new album, I was shocked these guys were even opening.  Made it there just in time for the first song, realizing how weird it is to hurry to the venue at published start time.

I think they sounded great - but this just wasn't their night.  I would blame probably 85% of it on this audience who didn't move a muscle.  I realize that they were there to see a whole different kind of band (it was kind of an odd pairing in my mind).  But I still hung towards the back and enjoyed my little concert-dance extravaganza, except for the times I was capturing video:

I wasn't much impressed with Cymbals Eat Guitars, though I wouldn't write off liking them in the future.

Cymbals Eat Guitars (10/8/10)

Once The Thermals took the stage, I thought the audience was going to light it up (literally - like last time).  But the crowd was still almost just as lame as with THITH.  Thermals still rocked the show, opening with a lot of tracks from my favorite, The Body, The Blood, The Machine.  We had other friends coming into town, so we didn't end up staying to see if the audience stepped up their game - I hope they did.

The Thermals (10/8/10)

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