Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scissor Sisters (8/23/10)

After a gorgeous day of biking around DC (I highly recommend it - at least on a Monday), we ended up at DAR Constitution Hall, which is one of the more unique, larger venues I've been in.  Situated relatively close to the White House, I definitely didn't feel like I was walking into a Scissor Sisters show - that is until I saw the crowd.  Gay Gay Gay.  :-)  And I say that with love...  It was a great crowd, though it wasn't as full as I was expecting/hoping.

Opening was Casey Spooner, one part Fischerspooner.  Great band, but wasn't sure what we were getting into with Casey.  His opening was disarming, with his confession about how his last performance was crap and he was starting over on this night - going back to bare bones.  It was just him on stage singing over recorded music.  His songs were a little torchy, maybe a little Robbie ballad-esque.  It sounded interesting enough - I'll check him out when his new album is released.

Now Scissor Sisters.  First off, let me thank the ticket gods for the front row seats!!  OK, so I just know someone who knew someone - but I'm still extremely thankful.  They had an amazing stage presence, with full band (+2), a couple dancers and a fun light show.  They ran through their best songs, and thankfully plenty of new ones.  I've been very excited about this new release and I'm glad the played the best songs from it.

Here's one of my favorites from the new album (and from the encore), Invisible Light (recorded during the extra-loud encore = poor sound):

For this other video, Matt took a bunch of video clips that I considered editing down but really struggled with which ones to cut - so I've left them all in.  A great little summary of the show, including some little up close and bonus clips towards the end (remember - front row).  ;-)

Overall - thoroughly impressed. I could only imagine how much better this show could have been in a more appropriate venue.  Nevertheless, Night Work is definitely going down as one of their best albums, and will be in my mix for months to come.  Hopefully they expand the tour and include Cleveland (once again).  I have so many photos that I thought I'd just post a collage. Click to see the full Flickr set (note the Dolly mobile outside the venue at the end).


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