Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Menomena (9/27/10)

Oh work... you keep me grounded.  Last night, Menomena performed in Cleveland (at the Beachland), for the first time in a while.  We (luckily) got there in time for the end of the Suckers performance.  That lead singer had a touch of the crazy - but it worked for them/him. I hadn't planned on catching these guys play, but i'm definitely intrigued.

Suckers (9/27/10)

A darling of Music Saves (who received a shout-out from the band), Menomena is definitely a solid music act - only proving their good taste.  Throwing in some eccentricities, like saxophones and moraccas, they effortlessly demonstrate their mature and much appreciated sound - as demonstrated by the excited audience.  I didn't stay for the whole night, but enjoyed what I saw. When they come back (and I'm sure they will), I'll be better prepared.

Menomena (9/27/10)

You can find a more detailed (and better) review here

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