Thursday, September 2, 2010

Casiokids (8/26/10)

After the weekend on the East Coast, then a brief busy day at work, we were back on the road to Detroit to see Casiokids.  I think I might have been more excited for this show than any other on the trip, and with what I'd seen in the past week, that's sayin' something.

We first stopped at the Hotel St. Regis, which was our cheap hotel for the night.  Whoa.  Minus the red stains on the carpets and the sounds of sex & (movie) violence in the hallways, it was decent.  We then headed over to Stormy Records, which is an amazing little store with a great selection of new and discount vinyl.  Then we at at the Magestic Cafe (meh), while we waited for the show.

Stormy Records

Detroit seemed dead.  It's like no one was around for this show, but we were there a bit early.  Around show time, I walked up to the Magic Stick and no one was there.  I thought for a second that we might not there on the wrong day...  Had another beer, then went up to see about 6 people watching Light Pollution perform.  They were decent enough.

Light Pollution (8/26/10)

By the time Casiokids took the stage, we were probably up to about 20 people in attendance.  This always makes me sad for the band, but it's also very telling to see how a band handles it.  I felt like it didn't phase Casiokids one bit.  Slowly we all got closer and realized we could dance. By that time, everyone was into it.

So a quick little side story.  On the way out of Cleveland, I took a chance and called the Apple store and they had a new iPhone 4 in stock.  I swung by and grabbed it (woot!!). This was the show that I was compared the video between my camera & iPhone.  I'll post both sets of video here (different songs).  Here are  couple clips from the camera:

Here's are some tracks using the iPhone (note, HD version are available):

So overall - it was a phenomenal show.  I would have loved to see more people there, but otherwise I couldn't have asked for more.

Photos (from the iPhone):

Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 11.31.59 PM.JPG

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