Saturday, November 13, 2021

Torres (9/13/21)

This Torres show felt like it was the true real re-opening of Beachland’s Tavern, this time including the kitchen!  I couldn’t have been happier to arrive when the doors opened and to grab a seat at the bar and nestle in for the night.  Torres was just delightful.  If you weren’t already familiar with her music, I guess you could put her near St. Vincent on the pop/rock spectrum.  I like her forward and bold approach to creating and performing.  There was also a great crowd, and only a few creepers (which I’m sure St. Vincent also has to deal with).  Also, the woman can rock out, and you can catch some of her bad-ass guitar licks in the video!

Torres  9 13 21

Torres  9 13 21

Torres  9 13 21

Opening was Ariana and the Rose.

Ariana and the Rose  9 13 21

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