Saturday, November 13, 2021

Courtney Marie Andrews / The Brother Brothers (9/30/21)

It was really The Brother Brothers who brought me to Courtney Marie Andrews.  Having caught these guys at a previous Nelsonville Music Festival, I was thrilled to see them making their way to Beachland’s Ballroom!  I really enjoyed diving in and spending a bit more time with their new album, and then really enjoying a LOT of what I hear from Courtney Marie Andrews!  Both were superb on this tour, and it was a great bonus to see The Brother Brothers doing double-duty as Courtney’s back up band as well!  Check out when one of them shreds the mandolin with his teeth (?) during one of her performances in the video! Courtney Marie Andrews was just delightful, as you can probably tell from the amount of footage I recorded.  Her most recent album really struck a chord with me.

The Brother Brothers  9 30 21

Courtney Marie Andrews  9 30 21

Courtney Marie Andrews  9 30 21

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