Saturday, November 13, 2021

Caveman (10/7/21)

Caveman was a fixture here on TZA in 2012 and 2103 with their first two albums coming out in consecutive years, seeing them 3 times.  Then it was another three, and then six years until they released this year’s new album, Smash.  It was such a good album that I purposely postponed my trip to the Hocking Hills Music Festival by a day to catch them live (again!).  It was a motley crew of openers, which included Liily and Caroline Kingsbury.  Liily came out the gate with one of the most aggressive and enjoyable opening performances I’ve seen in awhile!  Bam!  Next up was Caroline Kingsbury, who felt like she was taking a new twist on the 80’s female rockers (think Cyndi Lauper / Pat Benatar!).  Caveman just capped off the night with a great show, showing all their albums some love.

Caveman  10 7 21

Liily  10 7 21

Caroline Kingsbury  10 7 21

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