Sunday, April 21, 2019

Wild Belle (4/19/19)

Wild Belle recently threw me a curve ball with their new album, Everybody One of a Kind.  It’s bluesy with some strong pop influences, much more expansive than their previously more folk focused albums. They’re all good and it all made for a great live show.  That saxophone alone had me sold.  I did get the impression the band has been on the road a while and were a little tired, but they still brought a great energy.  If I were to be picky, I’d say their show could be aided nicely by a vibrant light show.  Other than that - color me impressed.

Wild Belle  4 19 19

Wild Belle  4 19 19

Opening was the eccentric Jeffertitti’s Nile.  That man moved his entire body, all over that stage.  I couldn’t quite pick up what he was putting down, but it made for a positive spectacle. Check out his Fleetwood Mac cover.

Jeffertitti s Nile  4 19 19

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