Friday, April 19, 2019

Old Sea Brigade (4/10/19)

After a hiatus from shows for the Film Festival, I finally got back to some shows.  It’d been just over a year since I had seen Old Sea Brigade open for Tall Heights.  They’re a rather sparing band out of Nashville, with Ben Cramer being painfully shy on stage, giving me a Ray LaMontagne vibe.  I was actually on the fence about this show, but also being able to see Xeno & Oaklander down in the Locker Room made this worth it.
Old Sea Brigade  4 10 19

Opening was Madeline Finn, who I guess was an American Idol contestant.  There’s some pretty incredible passion and angst when she’s performing on stage.  I recognize the talent, but it wasn’t really resonating with with me at first. She won me over when she pulled the dispersed audience together and performed acoustically on the floor.  That was exactly what was needed.  I also really liked that she brought up several friends on stage to highlight their talents as well.  Class act.

Madeline Finn  4 10 19

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